This section about evidence-based practices offers guidance on classroom strategies based on peer-reviewed research. Resources include articles, studies, technical reports and other current publications related to technology integration and education.


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Classroom 2.0 LIVE Conversations
Classroom 2.0 LIVE Conversations are community-scheduled opportunities to talk on specific topics with other members of the Classroom 2.0 using one of the online voice/video/sharing programs. Using this wiki page you can find discussions to participate in, or schedule to host additional ones.
Forum Guide to Elementary/Secondary Virtual Education
National Center for Educational Statistics
Practical Theory: A View from the Classroom
A Philadelphia principal’s blog explores issues in public education from an administrator’s point of view.
Promoting Education and Technology - Together
Join Cheryl Volkman, CEO Emeritus of AbleNet, Inc., in her online discussion of her experience working with and learning from administrators (hosted by the National Center for Technology Innovation).
Resource Kit on Specific Learning Disabilities Determination Procedures and RTI
Use this kit to navigate changes related to specific learning disability determination and responsiveness to intervention in your school.
Technology Links for Reading Instruction (PDF)
This document addresses five research based components of effective reading programs. A supplementary chart further breaks down each component into skill areas and provides links to associate software and technology.
Texas Assistive Technology Network

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